Merry Christmas.  We have been busy trying to take life back.

LIVIN, for us old school boys. Back to work, fewer appointments. Enjoying a real winter for a change  IMG_4137

Hi everyone, I know its been awhile. It was a long winter. although it was fairly mild it seemed like we went from one virus to the next. Happy that we have some heat.

I am feeling good and finally working out on a regular basis. starting to lose some weight and gain some muscle.

Troy is still growing and wearing some 4t and 5yr old clothes, (he will be 3 in August). We went north to open the cottage and the weather was perfect but the bugs were on.

Poor Troy had mosquitos on his screen behind the curtain and we woke to him looking like he had chicken pox, the kids counted 28 bites on his face.  Ouch. Good thing he’s tough.

we will post a video soon.


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Happy New Year Everyone,  we are looking forward to 2016 and wish everyone a great year.  I have just had my 9 month assesment and everything seems to be going well. We have had a few ups and downs but more positive than negative. No one said this transplant buisness was going to be easy. I am going to post a photo of a good friend Monika and myself, the city of kingston donated their box at the K-rock centre to the Transplant Advocacy Association for an appreciation night. We had a fantastic night and also had the pleasure and honour of meeting the Babcock family. I hope that spending the night with us will help to ease their pain, I would not be here if it were not for people like them.  There is no way to thank them enough but I want them to know that we will never forget Travis and the sacrifice that they made for others to have a second chance at life. I will keep posting as often as I can.

Mike  IMG_2405


Hi everyone, Sorry I have been quiet. Trying to focus on rehab and building my strength back up. I seem to take one step forward and two back. I’m my own worst enemy, trying to do things I shouldn’t  and expecting a little too much. We were in T.O. for my six month assesment and it went well, the team is happy with my progress and allowed me to drop the dosage of some of the meds.  It was an emotional trip for me, seeing friends and people that did so much for me. Spending time with others that are still waiting and trying to keep them motivated. I can’t thank the team at Toronto General enough. Of course there isn’t words to explain how thankful I am to my donor, we submitted a letter to the family and hope to hear back although it is rare to have any contact. I will try to post another video soon. Feeling a little fat these days. (steroids) One of the guys put on 35lbs.

Talk soon.

IMG_2033Three months down, heading home.