Dear, Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

We heard back from the lung transplant team in Toronto late last week and received finally some good news that Mike is a candidate for a double lung transplant! We were elated to hear this news which brought tears to our eyes during the biggest hug you could ever imagine! It sounds as though Mike will be placed on the transplant list right away which I think gives us some indication of the condition his current lungs are in.

The next step is to meet the surgeon in Toronto next month to discuss the surgery and the pre-op and relocation requirements. We expect to be able to learn a lot more about what our upcoming expenses will be as we go over the surgery and recovery details with the transplant team. We hope to have a full budget completed in the spring. In the mean time, we have begun to hear back from many of donors in respect of last fall’s fundraising effort and are continuing to ask you to let us know if you wish to have your pro rata portion of any donation returned in the coming months when we know what is left over. If you do wish to receive your donation returned please reply to our website using the Contact page with the amount of your donation, name and address, and who the cheque should be made payable to.

Love Always,

Mike, Christine, and Troy

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