6 months!!

Hi everyone, Sorry I have been quiet. Trying to focus on rehab and building my strength back up. I seem to take one step forward and two back. I’m my own worst enemy, trying to do things I shouldn’t  and expecting a little too much. We were in T.O. for my six month assesment and it went well, the team is happy with my progress and allowed me to drop the dosage of some of the meds.  It was an emotional trip for me, seeing friends and people that did so much for me. Spending time with others that are still waiting and trying to keep them motivated. I can’t thank the team at Toronto General enough. Of course there isn’t words to explain how thankful I am to my donor, we submitted a letter to the family and hope to hear back although it is rare to have any contact. I will try to post another video soon. Feeling a little fat these days. (steroids) One of the guys put on 35lbs.

Talk soon.

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