Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone,  we are looking forward to 2016 and wish everyone a great year.  I have just had my 9 month assesment and everything seems to be going well. We have had a few ups and downs but more positive than negative. No one said this transplant buisness was going to be easy. I am going to post a photo of a good friend Monika and myself, the city of kingston donated their box at the K-rock centre to the Transplant Advocacy Association for an appreciation night. We had a fantastic night and also had the pleasure and honour of meeting the Babcock family. I hope that spending the night with us will help to ease their pain, I would not be here if it were not for people like them.  There is no way to thank them enough but I want them to know that we will never forget Travis and the sacrifice that they made for others to have a second chance at life. I will keep posting as often as I can.

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